Purdue Cheerleaders

Purdue Cheerleaders
Team Number:1
Birth Date:01/01/2010

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The Purdue University Cheerleading co-ed squad is proud to serve as an ambassador to represent their school. The Purdue Cheerleaders are dedicated to generating enthusiasm from the crowd at every athletic event to build a sense of community among their fellow students and to support their fellow student-athletes.

The Purdue Boilermakers Cheerleaders attend all home and away football games, home volleyball games and home men & women's basketball games. The Boilermakers Cheerleaders are also given the opportunity to travel to away tournaments, including post-season bowl games for football and NCAA basketball tournaments. The Purdue Cheerleading squad has attended events such as the2007 Motor City Bowl in Detroit, Michigan and the Men's NCAA First Round/Second Round tournament in Washington, DC.

The Purdue University Cheerleading program continually strives to be the best of the best, and has a major commitment in both time and effort. The Boilermakers Cheerleaders practice five times a week year-round to prepare for games, special events and competition. When not attending local events at Purdue, the cheerleading squad is at the NCA Cheer and Dance Nationals every April.

With their outstanding talents and strong work ethic, the Boilermakers Cheerleaders are great to watch. Check out a Purdue University sporting event to watch the Purdue Cheerleaders in action!

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