Mike Lee

Mike Lee
Team Number:38
Birth Date:09/12/1991

More Info
Mike Lee was born on Sept. 12, 1991 and grew up in North Bradduck, Pennsylvania. Mike Lee graduated from McGill Toolen High School in 2010 after competing in football, basketball, and track and field.

Mike Lee's stats were clear. As a senior he had 14 catches for 324 yards and six touchdowns and 17 tackles. As a junior, Mike Lee made 17 catches for 364 yards and three touchdowns and 11 tackles. Mike Lee's team made it to the playoffs all three years he played varsity and they won the championship and made it to state playoffs during his senior year.

Mike Lee was a three-year starter at the positions of tight end and linebacker and was recognized as a two-time all-conference tight end.

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