Justin Siller

Justin Siller
Team Number:2
Birth Date:02/23/1989

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Justin Siller was born on Feb. 23, 1989 and grew up in Detroit, Michigan. At Saint Mary's High School he played the position of quarterback and Rivals.com ranked him as the 14th best dual-threat quarterback. Rivals.com and Scout.com put him as a three-start recruit. During Justin Siller's senior year, he finished 73 of 152 passes totaling 1,029 yards for six touchdowns and rushed 84 times totaling 379 yards and six touchdowns.

Justin Siller was also an accomplished runner on the track team. He made it to the state championship run-offs in the 100 and 300 meter hurdles.

In 2008, Justin Siller began his first year on the Purdue Boilermakers football team. He was switched to quarterback due to a teammate's injury and then returned to running back. Justin Siller is such a versatile player that he played 9 games with 3 starts as quarterback or running back and was named Co-Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week.

Oddly enough, in 2009, Justin Siller did not play. Will he be back next season? Purchase your Purdue Boilermakers football tickets to find out live.

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