Jonathan Linkenheimer

Jonathan Linkenheimer
Team Number:14
Birth Date:11/27/1991

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Jonathan Linkenheimer was born on Nov. 27, 1991 and grew up in Fleming Island, Florida. Sports were a big part of his life and he gradually narrowed his interest to football, baseball, and soccer.

Jonathan Linkenheimer played the position of kicker-punter for three seasons varsity on the Mainland High School football team. He went 55 for 57 on PAT attempts during his career, averaged 42.9 yards on 73 career punts, and had 79 touchbacks on kickoffs.

Jonathan Linkenheimer was considered to be the fifth best kicker in the U.S. by the company, In the class of 2010 Central Florida, Jonathan Linkenheimer was a top 100 prospect.

Jonathan Linkenheimer will be competing for playing time on the Purdue Boilermakers football team this season. To purchase your Purdue Boilermakers football tickets, follow the links here!

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