Gavin Roberts

Gavin Roberts
Team Number:20
Birth Date:01/20/1990

More Info
Gavin Roberts was born on Jan. 20, 1990 and grew up in Somerset, New Jersey. He attended Franklin High School where he was active in theater, football, track, and basketball.

Gavin Roberts was considered to be the 27th top player in New Jersey by After his senior year, he was put on several "first team" lists: all-division, all-area and all-county. That senior season saw Gavin Roberts accumulate 41 tackles, two interceptions, haul in 13 passes for 171 yards, and rush for 156 yards over the course of 44 carries.

Clearly Gavin Roberts is a versatile, talented player who will be an asset to the Purdue Boilermakers. Though he didn't play in 2008, he should see more time in the future.

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