Antwon Higgs

Antwon Higgs
Team Number:5
Birth Date:12/24/1990

More Info
Antwon Higgs was born Dec. 24, 1990 and grew up in Pompano Beach, Florida. He attended Pompano Beach High School, focusing on football all four years. ranked Antwon Higgs as a three-star player and the 35th top weakside defensive end in the U.S. During his senior year, Antwon Higgs, made 102 tackles and 2 interceptions. As a tight end, he made 21 receptions. During his junior year, Antwon Higgs had 114 tackles and six sacks. He graduated in 2009.

Antwon Higgs immediately came to the Purdue Boilermakers for spring training. To see him play live during his freshman year, purchase your Purdue Boilermakers tickets today!

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