Andy Huffman

Andy Huffman
Team Number:62
Birth Date:08/25/1986
Position:Long Snapper

More Info
Andy Huffman was born on Aug. 25, 1986 and grew up in Montpelier, Indiana. He attended Blackford County High School and played football, baseball, and basketball.

As a football athlete, Andy Huffman was picked as all-conference for two seasons. He was also considered to be a national long-snapping top prospect during his junior year.

Andy Huffman walked on to the Purdue Boilermakers team in 2005 and did not see playing time. In 2006 he played in all 14 games. In 2007 he participated in 13, and in 2008 he played in 7 before sitting out the rest of the season with an elbow injury. During all these years, Andy Huffman was an Academic All-Big Ten.

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